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SUNY Delhi and the Move to NCAA Division III

SUNY Delhi and the Move to NCAA Division III

The 2020-21 season will mark SUNY Delhi’s third official year as provisional NCAA Division III members. This new alignment with the NCAA allows SUNY Delhi to operate and brand as a Division III school, while continuing to meet operational benchmarks for full-time membership as early as 2021-22.

During the provisional process, the Broncos are eligible to compete for NCAA conference championships and will remain affiliated with the USCAA for postseason and student-athlete recognition opportunities. SUNY Delhi may begin competing for NCAA-sponsored national championships once becoming full-time members.

Conference Affiliations

The Broncos are currently members of three NCAA Division III conferences across all our program offerings:

North Atlantic Conference (NAC) Basketball (M&W), Cross Country (M&W), Golf (M), Lacrosse (M), Soccer (M&W), Softball (W), Tennis (M&W), Outdoor Track & Field (M&W), Volleyball (W)

Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC)  Swimming & Diving (M&W)

All Atlantic Region Track and Field Conference (AARTFC) Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field (M&W)

About NCAA Division III

More than 180,000 student-athletes at 450 institutions make up Division III, the largest NCAA division both in number of participants and number of schools. The Division III experience offers participation in a competitive athletic environment that pushes student-athletes to excel on the field and build upon their potential by tackling new challenges across campus.

Academics are the primary focus for Division III student-athletes. The division minimizes the conflicts between athletics and academics and helps student-athletes progress toward graduation through shorter practice and playing seasons and regional competition that reduces time away from academic studies. Participants are integrated on campus and treated like all other members of the student body, keeping them focused on being a student first.

The Three D's


Division III student-athletes are encouraged to pursue their interests and passions beyond the classroom and field of play…to discover themselves.


Division III institutions provide an environment that encourages student-athletes to develop into well-rounded adults. Small class sizes, the ability to participate in more than one sport, and an emphasis on participating activities outside of the classroom are all hallmarks of the Division III experience.


Division III institutions expect student-athletes to dedicate themselves to achieving their potential. Student-athletes must manage their busy schedules, keep up with class work and face the same challenges as the rest of the student-body.